Adam Mari

As one of the founding members of Antfarm Zimbabwe, Adam Mari is the company’s first managing director from its inception to date. Adam studied Economics at the University of Zimbabwe. After completing his studies with the country’s largest and most elite Institute he went on to work with community development NGOs, Bak Zim, Bak UK, Norton Miners Association and Norton Business Association. Whilst working with the Norton Constituency MP’s Office as the Constituency Cordinator, Adam started to develop interests in IT solutions in solving today’s business problems.

Founding Antfarm Zimbabwe

Adam Mari started learning how to code using online platforms such as YouTube, Stackoverflow, FreecodeCamp and etc. Although his progress was weighed down by the demand of his then current job, he managed to join and compete at a hackathon and won. The winning team formed the company which is now known as Antfarm Zimbabwe.

The company’s first project was with Telone Zimbabwe and Harare institute of Technology. The trio worked on an elearning platform, the Nhaka eLearning . However due to the financial constraints which the project financiers were facing, the product was not launched and the partnership was disbanded.

After the collapse of the project, other founding members of the company decided to move on with their lives. Adam was determined to see the company grow. He turned the company into a full scale website development and hosting services agency and today Antfarm serves more than 150 small to medium businesses from Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, Canada and United Kingdom.